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3 Day Kitchari Cleanse

Reset your gut and kickstart weight-loss and healing with the  3 Day Kitchari Cleanse!

In Ayurveda kitchari is eaten exclusively for a few days as part of a seasonal detox, Unlike water fasts and juice cleanses that can make things worse because of the shock to your body, the kitchari cleanse is a nourishing way of giving the digestion a rest and flushing out toxins. 

I have amended the traditional cleanse by adding both prebiotic and probiotic ingredients to repopulate your gut. I  also incorporate detoxing herbs that travel through your body binding to toxins and carrying them thorugh your digestive tract, along with herbs for elimination.

Rather than rice the kitchari is made with quiona which is lighter and more nutritionally dense. 

By the end of cleanse you should feel lighter and refreshed. This is something that I do seasonally to detox. 

This is a really low effort detox with only 20 mins hands on time - max. You prep the kitchari and mix the smoothie blends and detox shots with mylk and water as you go. It's quick and easy freeing you up to relax and do some of the Ayurvedic self care practices provided.

All the containers are reusable so if you'd like to do this seasonally you can just return your empties and I'll refill each season - for the same reduced price. This cleanse would also be a great kick off to a longer term healthy eating plan or just as a one off health boost. 

This Cleanse Basket also makes a great gift as it comes beautifully presented in a woven belly basket and we can even add a ribbon if you like!


For three days you eat as follows; 


Pre breakfast Sea Green Shot (to detox)

Breakfast - Blue Keto Mylk Smoothie (for protein, MCTs and detox)


Lunch - Kitchari (made in one large batch according to instructions) 


Dinner - Kitchari with Eat Live Raw 5 Strain Kimchi or Sauerkraut 


Post Dinner - Slippery Elm Tea for prebiotics and elimination 


Throughout the day - Ayurvedic tea 


Included in your cleanse basket; 

Organic yellow split dahl and organic quinoa in glass mason jar for soaking


Kitchari organic spice blend  


MCT Oil 65 ml (Medium Chain Tryglicerides) x 2 


Liquid Aminos (from non-gmo SOYbeans) 65 ml 


Sea Green Shot Blend- Raw Organic  


Blue Keto Mylk Blend for Breakfast Smoothie - Raw Organic 


Slippery Elm powder 


Eat Live 5 Strain Kimchi or Sauerkraut of your choice 


Ayurvedic tea to be drunk throughout the day 


London delivery only or free collection from our stockists. 

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I can't wait to help you transform your health :-)


Emma xo

P s- here's some feedback so far..

i felt less bloated..and on Day 4 am still feeling good for having tried the cleanse.


The smoothie with almond milk is really nice..and the kitchari is lovely. I really enjoyed it yesterday with kimchi and had a sort of soup of it for lunch today with the veg.. I still don't fancy anything sweet much, apart from fruit, hopefully that will continue.


The kitchari dish and smoothie were delicious..i even found the taste of the sea green blend very palatable. The amount of everything given was very generous...Please could you send me links so that i can buy the blue mylk blend and MCT oil as I'd like to incorporate them into my breakfast routine.