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Customer Testimonials

'Wow this is a tasty kraut (cucumber and mint) we have already finished it, how soon can i get another 2 jars?!' 

Beth C Southgate (text)

We all love the tea! Our kid's school had to be closed due to an outbreak of sickness and my kids were amongst the few that didn't get it.  How do I order more?

L.Kaye, Enfield (Text)

I love your krauts, and now I need to try the tea. I am your biggest fan!

Leticia, South London (Instagram)

I was there (Village Wholefood Store) on Weds and cleaned out the fridge of rosy tea plus some kimchi and kraut!

I do feel guilty buying 3 or 4 bottles in one hit! I could easily drink a bottle a day!

A.Banner, Cheshunt (Instagram)

We had the kraut (cucumber and mint) last night with a lamb steak. It was delicious! My husband who doesn't usually eat fermented food was very impressed!

Maria Oval (Instagram)

I had some of your amazing red kraut for breakfast today with some sausages and it was simply delicious!!! The jar is not going to last long.

G.Hartley (Instagram)